Hospitality Casting Solutions Vs. Cable TV

With the increasing popularity of hospitality casting solutions, hoteliers are beginning to question whether they still need cable TV. In this post we’ll explore why eliminating cable TV entirely from a hotel’s offerings is not wise, reasons to maintain a balance between cable and casting, and other ways hotels can reduce their monthly cable bill.

The Evolution of In-Room Entertainment

The evolution of hotel room entertainment from books, radio, and cable TV to casting.

Gone are the days when hotel guests were content with flipping through a limited selection of cable channels. With the proliferation of streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+, today’s travelers expect access to their favorite shows and movies at their fingertips. This shift in consumer behavior has prompted hotels to rethink their in-room entertainment offerings and explore casting solutions for hospitality. However, even with these changes, there is still a large population of guests who expect cable TV in their hotel room. It would be a mistake to cut out cable entirely and overlook this guest demographic. The answer is to embrace both cable and casting solutions to optimize guest satisfaction.

The Case for Cable: Catering to Every Guest

Older generations appreciate the familiarity of cable television.

Despite the growing popularity of streaming services, cable television still holds significant appeal for many hotel guests. Whether it’s catching up on breaking news, tuning into live sports events, checking the local weather, or simply channel surfing, cable provides a familiar and reliable option for a wide range of demographics. From business travelers seeking up-to-date trade information, to older guests who prefer traditional TV viewing, cable ensures that hotels can cater to the diverse preferences of their clientele. It would be a mistake to eliminate cable TV entirely from a hotel’s offerings. There are guests who may not have their own personal streaming accounts, are not tech savvy, or may not even have smart phones. Hotels should not disregard these types of guests, and should instead strive to provide ample entertainment options for all guests.

Unlocking the Power of Casting Solutions for Hospitality

Hospitality casting solutions appeal to tech-savvy guests.

While cable remains a staple in hotel rooms, the integration of hospitality casting solutions offers a modern alternative that appeals to tech-savvy guests. With casting devices like Google Chromecast, guests can effortlessly cast content from their devices to the hotel TV. This allows guests to enjoy their favorite shows, music, and videos on the big screen. This flexibility not only enhances the guest experience but also positions the hotel as tech-forward and accommodating to the needs of today’s connected travelers. Guests feel at home while they enjoy their favorite content through one of the thousands of supported apps. With a hospitality casting solution, guests can use any android or apple device to cast to the TV. Guests use their own accounts, so there is no need for guests to sign in to the TV. As evidenced by their growing popularity, casting solutions for hospitality are the future of in-room entertainment. 

Why Hotels Shouldn't Eliminate Cable Entirely

Hotels should keep some cable channels.

While hospitality casting solutions offer undeniable benefits, eliminating cable altogether may alienate certain segments of the guest population who rely on traditional TV programming. By maintaining a balanced approach that includes both cable and casting options, hotels can ensure that they cater to the preferences of all guests, regardless of their age or technological proficiency. This dual strategy allows hotels to provide a comprehensive in-room entertainment experience that meets the needs of every visitor.

How to Reduce Cable Costs in Hotels

Hotels can save money by offering a casting solution and reducing the premium channels they offer.

While it’s not recommended to eliminate cable entirely, there are way hotels can reduce their cable bills each month. Instead of cutting out cable TV in hotels, instead try reducing the number of premium channels offered. Local channels that offer news, weather, and sports, will still cater to the traditional demographic, while reducing overall cable costs. Your hotel may even be able to receive local channels for free via antenna. Find out what the most popular channels are based on guest preferences, and create a custom plan with your provider to only pay for the channels you need. Find a cable plan that works best for your hotel, your guests, and your budget. You may be surprised by how much money you can save by implementing both a casting solution for hospitality and reducing your channel offerings.

The Importance of Casting Solutions for Hospitality

Casting solutions designed for hospitality provide advanced security and privacy for hotels and their guests.

If you’ve considered adding a casting option in your hotel, you may have looked at purchasing casting devices like Chromecast, Firestick, and Roku. While these devices may come with a ‘guest mode’ feature, such as Roku Guest Mode, these features are not equipped for the privacy and security standards expected in hotels. A casting solution specifically designed for hospitality environments, like OnlyCast, is necessary to protect guest credentials. OnlyCast automatically checks guests out of their casting session every day at 1:00pm to ensure no information is saved for the next guest. Additionally, OnlyCast restricts access to Chromecasts in other rooms and only allows a guest to cast to their in-room TV after they have scanned the QR code. Hoteliers looking to upgrade their in-room amenities should seek out a reliable and secure hospitality casting solution. 

Read more about how OnlyCast prioritizes guest security. 

Find the Perfect Balance with OnlyCast

The combination of cable TV and OnlyCast gives guests both traditional and modern entertainment options.

OnlyCast is a leading provider of casting solutions for the hospitality industry. With its cutting-edge technology and seamless integration capabilities, OnlyCast offers hotels the perfect balance between cable and casting. OnlyCast ensures that every guest can enjoy their preferred entertainment options with ease. From in-room casting solutions to comprehensive support services, OnlyCast empowers hotels to elevate their in-room entertainment offerings and delight guests of all ages. With OnlyCast, you can monitor your devices remotely, force a guest check-out to clear all credentials, see what apps guests most frequently cast, and even monitor your hotel’s Wi-Fi strength. We keep the busy hotelier in mind which is why installation and setup are easy. Bring your hotel into the future and win guest loyalty with OnlyCast.

Conclusion: Hotels Should Diversify Their In-Room Entertainment Options

Cable TV plus hospitality casting solutions equals happy guests.

In a world where guest preferences are constantly evolving, hotels must adapt their in-room entertainment strategies to remain competitive and meet the expectations of modern travelers. By embracing both cable and hospitality casting solutions, hotels can create a versatile and inclusive entertainment experience that caters to the diverse needs of their guests. With the right combination of traditional and innovative technologies, hotels can ensure guest satisfaction while staying ahead of the curve in the ever-changing hospitality technology landscape.