In-room Google Chromecast® Streaming Solution for Hotels

OnlyCast Streaming Solution

Let your guests enjoy their favorite OTT entertainment from over 2000 apps on their in-room TV

Feels Like Home

With OnlyCast, your guests can enjoy all the OTT content they’re subscribed to back home – on your TV. Make them feel like home. They’ll love you for it.

It’s Fun, It’s Familiar

It’s no secret that we’re creatures of habit, so it’s important to give your guests something they’re used to. OnlyCast allows your guests to use something familiar and it gives them just what they want.

Complete Control

Hotels, hospitals, and other businesses get complete control over who uses their Chromecast devices, how much they use them, and when they’re using them.

Effortlessly Elegant

OnlyCast is fast, secure, and easy to set up. It’s universally compatible with Wi-Fi devices and HDMI-equipped TVs, which is all you need to get started.

Give Your Guests the Content They Love

Nowadays the consumer carries everything they need with them in their pocket. They have moved on from traditional TV to the world of streaming services. Now they’re able to watch their favorite shows and movies anywhere there’s a casting solution. Without OnlyCast, the guests can access any Chromecast in the hotel which is a big security issue. This solution creates a secure link between the mobile device and the guest’s TV while preventing the guest from accessing any of the other Chromecasts on the network.


How it Works

OnlyCast Entertainment Suite Requires 3 Components

  • OnlyCast Cloud Service
  • OnlyCast Local Gateway
  • Google Chromecast (any generation)
  • Chromelock Secure Enclosure (Optional)
  • CastRemote (Optional)

Powerful, Secure, and Easy to Use

Let your guests enjoy their favorite content from any country in any category

Easy pairing with in-room Chromecast without sharing of personal credentials

Access Management
Guests get access to only their in-room Chromecast. Automatic disconnect at checkout

Highly Compatible
Guests can use any device with any OS to cast their content on the TV

Completely Flexible
Use a virtual OnlyCast local gateway, or get greater control with a hardware appliance

Get the optional Chromelock Secure Enclosure to prevent reset or theft of Chromecast

Dashboard Analytics
Monitor and manage the access and usage of every Chromecast in every room on cloud

Incredibly Affordable
Get started for free and scale up with a delightfully inexpensive premium subscription

Set Up OnlyCast in 3 Easy Steps

Get It Live in Your Establishment in Just 30 Minutes

1. Sign Up
Register and select the right subscription package for OnlyCast Cloud Service on our website.

2. Set-Up
Install the OnlyCast Local Gateway – virtual or hardware appliance – and register it.

3. Configure
Configure the network and the Chromecast. And it’s done.

OnlyCast is the Future of Entertainment for Travelers

With millions of Chromecast devices sold every year, the choice of modern consumers is clear. They desire to take their entertainment with them, wherever they go. For hotels, venues, hospitals, and other hospitality businesses, it’s a brilliant opportunity to delight their customers. Enable your guests to cast their favorite content on your TVs and give them a piece of home.

Win Their Hearts, And Win Their Loyalty With OnlyCast

OnlyCast LITE

Free No subscription required
  • Up to 5 Chomecast
  • Work with hardware and virtual appliance
  • Cloud management interface
  • Bug fix and update

OnlyCast Pro

$ 2
Per Chromecast / Month (Yearly subscription)
  • No Chromecast limit
  • Work with hardware and virtual appliance
  • Cloud management interface
  • Premium support

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