Hotel Casting Solution: OnlyCast’s Security and Privacy Features

In the guest-centric hospitality industry, there is an increasing demand for innovative solutions that enhance guest experiences while prioritizing security and privacy. Among the cutting-edge technologies making waves in the sector is OnlyCast, a leading hotel casting solution designed to elevate in-room entertainment. OnlyCast utilizes Google Chromecast in hotels to provide a user friendly casting solution tailored specifically for hospitality.

Privacy-Centric Design

OnlyCast keeps guest credentials secure by automatically logging them out everyday at 1:00pm.

OnlyCast stands out amongst its competitors by prioritizing guest privacy. Our system employs state-of-the-art automatic protocols to safeguard sensitive information throughout the casting process. From the moment guests connect their devices and cast to the hotel TV, OnlyCast ensures that their credentials remain confidential, addressing concerns related to privacy in the hospitality sector. OnlyCast automatically checks the guest out of the casting session daily at 1:00pm (13:00) to ensure that no information is left on the TV for the next guest. By using OnlyCast, guests no longer have to login directly to the hotel TV where their usernames and passwords will be saved and seen by future guests. At OnlyCast, guest privacy and security is our top priority.

Guest Consent Mechanisms

Guests decide whether they would like to use the hotel casting solution.

To enhance transparency, OnlyCast incorporates clear and user-friendly consent mechanisms. Guests are informed about the hotel casting solution, and are given the choice to opt in or out. This approach not only respects individual privacy preferences, but also aligns with the increasing emphasis on transparency in data handling. Guests are prompted to join the hotel Wi-Fi and then scan the unique QR code on their phone to begin their casting session, leaving the decision to cast up to the guests.

Secured Hotel Casting Solution

Our cloud dashboard allows managers to remotely control and monitor their Chromecasts from anywhere in the world.

OnlyCast goes beyond merely providing an ultramodern Chromecast solution for hotels. It incorporates robust security measures to protect hotel networks and guests from potential vulnerabilities. OnlyCast’s hotel casting solution is fortified against unauthorized access, ensuring that only authenticated devices can connect to hotel TVs. In addition, OnlyCast’s cloud-based back-office interface allows managers to monitor and control their Chromecasts from anywhere in the world. Managers can force a ‘check-out’, monitor the status of Chromecast devices, see what apps guests cast most, and more. Our cloud dashboard gives hoteliers full control of their Chromecasts. The ability to remotely monitor your Chromecasts prevents unwanted interruptions in casting and maintains the integrity of the hotel’s network infrastructure, as well as defending against potential cyber security threats.

Defense Against Cyber Threats

OnlyCast is regularly updated and monitored to ensure secure and seamless casting.

Cyber threats are a constant concern for hotels; that’s why OnlyCast implements proactive measures to defend against potential vulnerabilities. OnlyCast simultaneously protects guests’ private information along with hotel TVs from unauthorized access. Regular security updates and patches are seamlessly integrated, minimizing the risk of security breaches. In addition to the automatic checkout feature, system managers have the ability to manually end a casting session and check guests out of their TV. This ensures that no credentials, or guest information, remain on the Chromecast when a new guest checks into a room. In summary, this commitment to staying ahead of emerging threats demonstrates OnlyCast’s dedication to maintaining a secure environment and surpassing hospitality security standards.

Exceeding Hospitality Standards

We understand the security needs of hoteliers and guests.

OnlyCast is crafted with a profound understanding of the distinct security and privacy demands within the hospitality sector. Our extensive network of partners spans the globe, and we’ve actively heeded customer input. Understanding the requirements of both guests and hoteliers, we consistently strive to enhance our hotel casting solution. OnlyCast is compatible with hundreds of network providers, and caters to a wide range of establishments, including 4 and 5-star hotels, small bed and breakfasts, hospitals and healthcare facilities, and more. Our casting solution for hospitality is easily customized to meet your specific needs, wherever you are in the world.

Chromecast Hotel Casting Solution

Google Chromecast generations 1 - Google TV.

As a hotel casting solution, OnlyCast leverages the power of Google’s casting technology while maintaining a focus on security. The integration with Chromecast for the hospitality industry is seamless, thus providing guests with a familiar and user-friendly casting experience while upholding the high security standards expected in hospitality. Additionally, the OnlyCast subscription includes our expert IT support.

Expert Support Guaranteed

Our team of IT experts is ready to assist.

Elevate guest experience with OnlyCast’s comprehensive hotel casting solution, complemented by our dedicated expert IT support. Our team boasts extensive expertise in hotel network and casting systems, and is committed to seamlessly integrating casting technology into your establishment. Collaborating with your internet service provider, we ensure pervasive high-speed internet coverage throughout your property.  Additionally, OnlyCast allows hoteliers to monitor Wi-Fi strength across all Chromecast devices with our intuitive interface, offering real-time insights into connectivity across your property. Our adept support team stands ready to assist with network reconfigurations, Chromecast setup, and any other casting-related requests. At OnlyCast, customer satisfaction and security is paramount. Our inclusive IT support framework ensures a continuous feedback loop, enabling us to continually refine and enhance our solution. Choose OnlyCast for a hands-free hotel casting solution that sets the industry standard.

In Conclusion

Optimize guest satisfaction and privacy with OnlyCast's hotel casting solution.

As the hospitality sector continues to embrace the digital revolution, hotel casting solutions like OnlyCast prove that it is possible to achieve a perfect synergy between cutting-edge technology, guest satisfaction, and safeguarding both guest and hotel data. With OnlyCast, hotels can confidently step into the future of in-room entertainment, where privacy and security are non-negotiable priorities.

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