How to Deploy Chromecast for Hotels

Guest expectations continue to change at hotels. Many consumers are no longer interested in flipping through limited channels. Instead, they are now likely to bring their entertainment on their laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Smart hotel managers facilitate this by finding ways for users to view their content on their hotel room TV. Among the multiple ways to make this happen is by using a Google Chromecast for hotels.

What is Google Chromecast?

The Google Chromecast is a small device that connects to a TV’s HDMI port and a power outlet. It allows users to connect devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets to the TV. Once connected, people can stream content from their device straight to the TV.

How to use the Chromecast:

The Chromecast is exceptionally easy to set up and can be up and running in just a couple of minutes. Just plug the device into the HDMI port on the TV and then connect the power supply to a nearby electric outlet. Next, use the Google Home app to connect the device to your existing WiFi network.

Once the Chromecast is hooked up and connected to the network, you can now connect to any WiFi-capable device. Just connect your tablet, smartphone, or computer to the same network as the Chromecast. Then choose the Chromecast as the device option when casting content to the TV.

Thanks to Chromecast’s streaming technology, hotel guests will still be able to use their phone or other devices for other things while casting content to the screen. This is different from other screen-sharing solutions that require the full resources of the device to stream.

Chromecast for Hotels: Benefits for Guests

Guest will love the convenience of watching their own content when away from home right on their room’s TV. Happy guests are always more likely to leave a positive rating and review on popular travel sites like, TripAdvisor, etc. This is another way of offering your guest the comfort of home even when they are away.

Why Streaming Connections in Hotels Have to Be Different Than at Home

As powerful as the Chromecast is, it lacks any security features. As long as someone is on the same WiFi network, they can cast to the device. Unfortunately, that means a guest in one room could accidentally connect to any Chromecast on the network, including those in other guest rooms.

A Chromecast alone also leaves hotel management without any way to monitor devices, check on connection status, or track usage. Fortunately, solutions are available that can make the Chromecast more secure and better equipped for hotel use.

Solutions for Better Chromecast for Hotels Implementation

Using Chromecast for hotels has some limitations, but they can be overcome with existing solutions.  Using the right third-party solution will improve security protocols and keep guests from accidentally sharing their content on a TV in another room in the hotel.  However, some options are pretty complicated and costly. These solutions isolate each guest room with a configured PAN (personal area network) and VLAN (virtual local area network). Unfortunately, many of these solutions require the replacement of network equipment and be a significant investment.

OnlyCast: The Best Solution for Chromecast for Hotels Implementation

There is one solution that can deal with the security limits of Chromecast without requiring an expensive network upgrade. With OnlyCast, you get an affordable, easy-to-install solution that will work with your hotel’s existing TVs and WiFi network. In just a few steps, you can offer your guests a taste of home entertainment right in their rooms. So thrill your guests and enjoy the online reviews that follow. Learn more and sign up at