Netflix for Hotels – How to Make this Possible

netflix for hotels

Now being used in 62% of U.S. households, Netflix continues to dominate the video streaming business. Subscribers also expect to be able to watch their favorite shows and movies from Netflix even while on the road. They want their shows to be able to go wherever they go. As a result, customers are looking for a way to have Netflix in hotels, and owners and managers are looking for a way to make that happen. What they are finding is that some approaches work better than others. Not only do guests want to watch their Netflix content, but they also want a no-hassle experience. Those managing Netflix in hotels desire an option that is hassle-free for them as well and doesn’t have a significant negative impact on profits.

Avoid the Consumer Grade TV Approach

In an attempt to make things simple and save money, some hotels are opting to install consumer-grade TVs. Instead of making things easier for hotels, this can cause continuing headaches for guests and staff. Certainly, guests can log into their Netflix account in a way that may be similar to how they do it at home. However, there is a big problem. Very often, guests check out without logging out of their accounts. That means the next guest has access to their account. Situations like this cause security issues because the next guest will now have access to the previous one’s information. This security issue can be a problem for the previous guest along with hotel personnel, who may answer calls from guests asking to be logged out of their accounts.

Netflix for Hotels Using a Hospitality Smart TV – Difficult for Guests, Expensive for Owners

Another option for providing Netflix for hotels offers more privacy, but at a much higher cost. Hospitality Smart TVs are designed to allow guests to access Netflix and other streaming services. When tied into the hotel’s management system, they can automatically log guests out when they check out. Unfortunately, these devices have their own problems. First of all, the cost of the displays, servers, and integrating everything with the hotel’s PMS (property management system) can add up fast. Most hotels don’t want to pay high prices for hospitality solution, or, they just don’t have the budget for it. These TVs still create a hassle for customers since their only login option is to enter their username and password via the cumbersome TV remote control.

OnlyCast: A Better Way to Offer Netflix for Hotels

Finally, there is a way to offer Netflix for hotels that is far more convenient for guests. It also will save time and money for hotel owners. With the OnlyCast streaming solution, guests can watch Netflix or their favorite streaming content from over 2000 apps right on their in-room TV. Even better, they can watch from their own account without the hassle or security risk of logging in when they get to their room. Instead, guests can just scan a QR code to authorize their smartphone or tablet and start watching their content in minutes. As a result, guests get the content they want, and hotels get happy customers who will be sure to return and show their appreciation in their online reviews.