Increase Chromecast Use in Hotels with Cast Remote

Increase Chromecast use and guest satisfaction with the Cast Remote

Chromecast is a popular streaming device that allows users to watch any content available on their phone, tablet, or laptop right on their TV. As more people become accustomed to the convenience of streaming content from their personal devices, Chromecast has become an increasingly popular feature for hotels to offer their guests.

What is Cast Remote?

Despite the popularity of Chromecast, guests may be unfamiliar with the technology or may find it difficult to navigate multiple remotes or complicated menu systems in hotels. That’s where Cast Remote comes in.

Cast Remote is a universal remote control designed specifically for Chromecast devices in hotel rooms. Cast Remote simplifies the guest experience by providing an easy-to-use remote control that makes it simple for guests to access the Cast feature without needing to navigate complicated menus or use multiple remote controls.


The CastRemote is a remote designed to help hotel guests use the Chromecast system

Features of CastRemote

CastRemote can help guests use the Chromecast feature on their TV

The Cast Remote features a bright orange Cast button that allows guests to easily switch to the Chromecast source on the TV without needing to press the SOURCE button and navigate to the correct HDMI input. This makes it more likely that guests will use the Chromecast feature to stream their favorite content during their stay, and enhances overall guest experience. 



Cast Remote is also designed to be easy to use for guests. Instead of requiring guests to connect their devices to the hotel’s Wi-Fi network and enter complicated passwords, Cast Remote provides a simple and secure way for guests to connect to the Chromecast device. Guests can simply connect to the Chromecast Wi-Fi network, enter the room number and a unique code provided by Cast Remote, and start streaming their favorite content. 



CastRemote makes watching your favorite content easier than ever.

In addition to its functional benefits, the Cast Remote also serves as an advertisement for the Chromecast service (Onlycast solution). Guests who may not have been aware of the Chromecast feature before seeing the Cast Remote may be more likely to try it out and enjoy a better streaming experience during their stay. 


CastRemote helps guests know about the Chromecast feature in their hotel rooms

Overall, Cast Remote is a simple and effective solution that makes it easier for guests to access and use the Chromecast feature in their hotel rooms. If you are a hotel owner or manager looking to provide your guests with a better streaming experience, consider deploying Chromecast with Cast Remote. Your guests will appreciate the simplicity and convenience of Cast Remote, and you will see the benefits in increased guest satisfaction and loyalty.