Hotel Casting – The Cloud Solution available worldwide

hotel casting
Today’s hotel guests are no longer satisfied with even the most robust selection of television channels and on-demand offerings. That is because most consumers now have more and better choices at home and on their smart devices. Hotels can now bring guests more options by using the same technology they use at home. Hotel casting using Google Chromecast will revolutionize hotel in-room entertainment, pleasing customers and saving owners and managers time and money.

Hotel Casting – A Solution Guests Love

The majority of homes around the world are already familiar with the concept of “casting”. With the right hardware, viewers can use their TVs to view shows, movies, home videos, and photos by wireless connecting their smartphones, tablets, or computers. So, your guests can bring their own content on their personal devices and watch it on their in-room displays.

Guests love the feature as they can watch Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Disney+, or anything else accessible from their device right on their in-room TV. Hotel casting using Chromecast also means they don’t need to worry about their security or privacy. Since content originates from the guest’s device, there is no need to enter their private account information on the hotel’s TV. Additionally, since each guest can only access the hotel casting feature for their particular guest room TV, there is no way for other guests or the hotel to know what they are watching.

Don’t underestimate the power of improving the in-room entertainment experience. It may seem to some like a small detail, but guests will notice and will soon begin looking for this feature when choosing the place for their next hotel stay. In addition, consumers enjoy the little extra so much, you will likely see it improve your online reviews as well. 

Why Owners and Managers Love Hotel Casting

Owners and managers love hotel casting because there is no need to replace their current TVs or Wi-Fi equipment. In addition, because hotel casting with Chromecast offers such a user-friendly setup experience, hotel employees won’t need to constantly assist guests. Instead, guests can get set up and running in only a few seconds.

It is Easy to Get Started

Owners and managers that want to get started with hotel casting will be surprised by how easy it is. All you need in the La suite de entretenimiento de OnlyCast requiere 4 componentes. It comes in two tiers – a free tier which is great for smaller operations or those that want to try it out on a limited basis. The paid version offers a higher level of support and only charges based on how many devices you have connected.

Hotel Casting Helps Guests Feel at Home

Successful hotels do everything they can to help guests feel at home and as comfortable as possible. We all know that, to make this happen, every detail matters. Hotel casting is a detail that you can add for little cost and little effort. A small investment can pay big dividends in guest satisfaction, better reviews, and more return visitors. Find out more and get started today at Onlycast.